Mercuri International’s concept Six Battlefields is a robust methodology to enhance the impact of a sales force in a strong competitive situation

Six Battlefields – win the competition!


Most companies these days operate on established markets where it is essential to consistently dispel any competition. (Potential) customers generally already have a favourable attitude towards their current partner. So it’s all about changing mindsets. SWOT analyses, positioning and value propositions compiled by marketing departments are largely no longer sufficient.


This is where Mercuri’s Six Battlefields concept comes into play. It identifies six fields where it is essential to measure up against the competition so as to impress the customer. Each battlefield is associated with precise conversational strategies for achieving success over the competition and dragging the customer out of that ‘everything’s the same’ apathy.


The Six Battlefields model

The individual battlefields comprise a combination of customer requirements, the company’s own profile of offers and the offer profile of a specific competitor.

A training concept without charts, handouts or PPT presentations.
Pure interaction with participants using a flipchart and presented by an experienced trainer. The target group is sales staff as well as product and marketing managers. The results can be implemented the following morning already!



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Mercuri International’s concept Six Battlefields is a robust methodology

to enhance the Sales Force impact in a strong competitive situation.

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